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Corporate & Commercial Books

4 Aug

The most cost effective and successful promotional marketing tool with print runs of 1 copy upwards.

Exclusive corporate photographic books create by EyeWitness

Exclusive corporate photographic books create by EyeWitness

The very best of your company presented in an amazing corporate publication leaving your clients speechless. Then, provide them with an exact replica in a smaller version of this book, eliminating bulky, unprofessional binders. This commercial portfolio will make a serious impact on your serious clients. Or simply, transform your company’s assets into a corporate publication for your yearly archive!

These books are a great compliment to your company. EyeWitness is focused on creating exceptional quality photography for use in the corporate book. From executive personnel to reportage and assignment photography, we can provide a full scale picture of your company with images and text within these exclusive corporate books. Imagine the book sitting on the boardroom table with your client’s eagerly awaiting to flip through the pages.

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