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Internet Video Advertising Reaches a World of Potential Customers

5 Oct

Video distribution channels
A picture is worth a thousand words, pictures that move are worth millions in sales. Before the internet became available to the average person and business, only a few could use this means of being in contact with almost anyone in almost any place. In the last twenty years incredible advances in computer technology, software and graphics have made this medium into perhaps the most dominant form of media available today, eclipsing print and television. Film video production is a marketing tool no one can ignore.

Business owners and decision makers realize the absolute necessity of advertising. Simply put, “no advertising, no sales”. Marketing your product or service to the customer must be done in a way that informs them of your product, tells them why they should buy it, and what sets yours apart from the competition. Your advertising campaign must accomplish this in a cost effective, convincing and active way. In the highly competitive market of today, decision makers have limited time to find and select vendors, getting your message to them and locking in their attention is the key to getting the sale.

Video advertising is an essential tool to promote businesses on the internet. Video makes use of several approaches to gain the client’s attention: visual, sound and setting a mood. Marketing studies say that you have about two seconds to catch the attention of a viewer in today’s visually oriented market. Many images and sounds are competing for attention. The right combination of first image, sound or music and setting a tone of emotion that will draw the viewer into your message is a big step towards moving their decision in your direction.

There are multiple ways to use video advertising in an effective marketing campaign. Making a DVD that can be sent or distributed to interested parties is one. The DVD’s advantage is that it can be played almost anywhere and doesn’t depend on download speed or the type of internet connection (not everyone has broadband, and that should be a concern in your campaign as to your target audience).

YouTube is a phenomenon that has changed video and viewing in a way that no one could have envisioned when the internet came into public use. Many businesses place their promotional videos where they can be accessed by a keyword search on YouTube or Google. This makes the likelihood of being found by searchers almost a sure thing, and getting their attention before the competition.

Having an eye and mind engaging video on the web, one that sets you apart from your competition and tells your story, is not just a good business decision, it’s a matter of survival today. Ensure that the marketing company you engage is an expert in film video production.

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