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Hello world!

26 Jun

This is my first blog ever and it feels really strange. Firstly, I have no idea whether I should be writing about myself or should I be talking about my company. I think it would be fair not to talk about myself and instead expand on the creativity, the ideas and the company – EyeWitness

This really feels weird.

Anyway, my name is Shameer Shah and I am the Director of EyeWitness, a company that specialises in photography, video and multimedia productions. I started as a photojournalist and produced several photographic documentaries before moving into the corporate and PR market. It’s great to be able to bring a vast amount of journalism background to the corporate world. The EyeWitness team is a collaborative team of ex-photojournalists and digital producers.

The team has worked with various press agencies such as Reuters, Visnews, AFP, AP and that experience is vital but challenging in the corporate documentary world.

Hope the introduction to EyeWitness and myself is sufficient. There is definitely more to come but I would really like to concentrate more on the ideas, collaborations, projects and creativity throughout this blog.

This post, let’s talk about Multimedia. Why multimedia?

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