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HD Film & Video Production

19 Aug

Powerful, creative and cost effective film and video production

All our projects are created and produced to the highest standard. Part of what makes us distinctive is our team approach. We’ve assembled experts in film and video who are focused on delivering your vision. From planning your project to the final output, the EyeWitness team is behind the scenes, focused on delivering outstanding service at an unbelievable value.

We provide a full consultancy service for our clients in order to create films that tell a story in a unique and dynamic way.

You need it. We shoot it.

• Corporate Videos & Corporate Communication Films
• Broadcast PR Videos
• Conference & Event Videos
• Promotional Films
• Location Video and Video for the Web
• Publicity & Product Launch
• Documentaries and Short films

Send the right message to your clients. Market your products and services the right way. EyeWitness has the right solution for your marketing projects.


So, what is multimedia?

28 Jun

Can you tell me what multimedia is? In my field, I know what multimedia should be but for some this may be a mix of other mediums.

It is definitely digital and is a combination of several mediums.

At EyeWitness, we consider the following as very important elements of Multimedia; assignment photography, picture and audio editing, production of high definition broadcast quality video and multimedia presentations, audio and video editorials. There is probably much more we can add as part of the multimedia productions but the mentioned elements is the core to most of our productions.

Multimedia is great for visual illustrations or enhanced marketing information. The applications are endless.

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