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Why should a business use photography, video and multimedia?

14 Oct

Photography, Video and Multimedia are recognised as successful tools for informing, educating and entertaining.

This is the reason why large and small businesses demand the use of it for a variety of factors: customer and staff training, B2B sales presentations, communication and to educate existing and potential clients.

Professional multimedia productions are extremely effective and key to grabbing people’s attention. In comparison to static text and graphics, multimedia is considerably more captivating due to its ability to provoke multiple senses at the same time.

Photography, Video and Multimedia are commonly used for informative purposes, visual aids and as complimentary sales tools. As a business, utilising a combination of media is critical in provoking a positive response.

Therefore, multimedia would be a good way to target your audience. If your marketing consists of varied levels of education and information, multimedia productions can help get your message across because it uses more than one sense.

Questions to consider:
• Can the business benefit from multimedia?
• Will the benefits of multimedia exceed the costs?

It is vital for a business to consider their goals and objectives to determine the use and distribution of the multimedia production. By assessing your goals and objectives, you can feel confident in your investment paying you back.

Attract. Educate. Amaze you clients.


Who benefits from Corporate & Commercial Books?

5 Aug

• Companies who would like to create a timeline and a record of their yearly endeavours.
• Businesses who want to document the complete profile of their company by means of a photographic manual.
• Companies needing bespoke reportage photography for Corporate Publications.

Assignment & Press Related Photography for
• Private & Public Sector Organisations
• Government, Healthcare & Education
• PR and Marketing Consultancies
• Corporate Sponsored Events & Charities
• Product Launches & Award Ceremonies
• Teambuilding & Outdoor Exercises

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