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Actors & Actresses

22 Feb

Actors and actresses are performing artists who work both on screen or on stage in front of millions. They are also known as talents or extras in advertising press campaigns and television commercials. An actor could have a very small role as an extra in a film or be the main protagonist. Whatever the case, they show their creativity in front of an audience by entertaining them in some way, whether by delivering a dialogue or merely by being in view on stage or in the frame on screen. View more on Actors and Actresses . . .


Creative Services Guide

15 Jan

A fantastic creative guide has recently launched. CreativeServicesGuide.com a global networking site for creative professionals, offers a wide variety of creative based resources and covers all the creative sectors. They act as a guide to the creative industries and the creative world.

The idea is to maximise networking within the creative industries through effective web based communication. The site can be utilised for self-promotion, locating work, establishing new contacts and even online collaborations thanks to the revolutionary ‘power circle‘ system.

Its registered members have the facility available to them on which to exchange ideas amongst their peers, and are able to begin a ‘power circle’ creating a powerful open network.

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