The EyeWitness Story. . . so far

EyeWitness was founded in 2000. A multi-disciplinary agency based in Chiswick and Bushey, London, UK. We specialise in photography and video for the corporate, commercial and PR sectors.

Prior to launching EyeWitness, I, Shameer Shah worked with Camerapix and Reuters. The EyeWitness team come from a photojournalistic background and that’s what I think makes us quite special. Our projects are planned, directed and shot with a view to telling a story based on a single image or a series whether the job was corporate or a documentary.

EyeWitness was actually formed to be a press agency. So we started covering various short stories and longer documentaries here and abroad. It was going well and little did we know that EyeWitness would soon become a corporate communications and PR agency. All it took was meeting a very influential hotelier on the tube and thereafter pushing the company hard in that direction. 2 years after EyeWitness was formed, we were well established as a provider of Corporate Communications and PR photography and video. By this time, press work had taken a back seat.

We provide complete photographic and video imaging solutions for our clients. From a single shot to a video documentary, multimedia projects to photographic yearbooks, the entire pre-production, production and post-production is done in-house. We are a small team but we are multi-skilled and that is our strength.

We work with private individuals, small companies and large companies. Our client list includes Accenture, Fortis Bank, BP, Shell, Sunseeker, Deloitte, Chevron, O2 among many others. We also work with many charities, to name a few – Children’s SocietyProfessional Cricketer’s AssociationSave the Children.

Photography and Video is shot on location throughout the UK with clients knowing they can trust our team, consistent creative results and professionalism. We have gained the confidence of our clients by approaching each job as a “one of a kind” challenge – understanding the audience and the way in which the client wants the product or service to be perceived.

Currently, we are looking to expand our business in various business sectors such as – Public sector organisations, Government, Healthcare and Education. If anybody has any contacts in these sectors we would be very grateful to hear from you or collaborate with you.

Ivy House
35 High Street
Bushey Village
WD23 1BD
Tel: 0800 298 4212


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