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24 Nov

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Internet Video Advertising Reaches a World of Potential Customers

5 Oct

Video distribution channels
A picture is worth a thousand words, pictures that move are worth millions in sales. Before the internet became available to the average person and business, only a few could use this means of being in contact with almost anyone in almost any place. In the last twenty years incredible advances in computer technology, software and graphics have made this medium into perhaps the most dominant form of media available today, eclipsing print and television. Film video production is a marketing tool no one can ignore.

Business owners and decision makers realize the absolute necessity of advertising. Simply put, “no advertising, no sales”. Marketing your product or service to the customer must be done in a way that informs them of your product, tells them why they should buy it, and what sets yours apart from the competition. Your advertising campaign must accomplish this in a cost effective, convincing and active way. In the highly competitive market of today, decision makers have limited time to find and select vendors, getting your message to them and locking in their attention is the key to getting the sale.

Video advertising is an essential tool to promote businesses on the internet. Video makes use of several approaches to gain the client’s attention: visual, sound and setting a mood. Marketing studies say that you have about two seconds to catch the attention of a viewer in today’s visually oriented market. Many images and sounds are competing for attention. The right combination of first image, sound or music and setting a tone of emotion that will draw the viewer into your message is a big step towards moving their decision in your direction.

There are multiple ways to use video advertising in an effective marketing campaign. Making a DVD that can be sent or distributed to interested parties is one. The DVD’s advantage is that it can be played almost anywhere and doesn’t depend on download speed or the type of internet connection (not everyone has broadband, and that should be a concern in your campaign as to your target audience).

YouTube is a phenomenon that has changed video and viewing in a way that no one could have envisioned when the internet came into public use. Many businesses place their promotional videos where they can be accessed by a keyword search on YouTube or Google. This makes the likelihood of being found by searchers almost a sure thing, and getting their attention before the competition.

Having an eye and mind engaging video on the web, one that sets you apart from your competition and tells your story, is not just a good business decision, it’s a matter of survival today. Ensure that the marketing company you engage is an expert in film video production.

Professional versus Amateur Film Video Production

6 Sep

If you have seen videos on the internet, whether on massive public sites like YouTube or even on private business sites, it’s pretty easy to tell which videos were shot in someone’s living room, or from their desk. Amateurish videos and films are not what you want to use to promote and grow your business. Funny, slapstick quickies shot with a shaky camera hand are best left for those funny home video shows on the television. Granted, a great, slick campaign using superlative video advertising can generate web traffic, but if the video quality is poor, don’t expect it to yield great results for driving your business forward.

Professional film video production companies are abound and can assist your business by creating a superb video for your web advertising. Professionally created videos entice the viewer to continue watching. They steer them to your website and your products or services. The best video advertising results in more traffic funneling through your website, which in turn can increase your sales.  It should be a business goal to always make the first impression of a potential customer a superior one. Businesses rarely get a chance to improve unsatisfactory impressions and win a client back. Amateur video is not putting the best face possible on your business. A bad video can actually be detrimental to your company’s internet presence.

Many film video production companies also offer strategic online video marketing services. This is vital if you are trying to build your business online. These companies handle everything from production of your video advertising media, to the online marketing of a successful video campaign. Once contracted, they work with you to ensure that the message you want conveyed is delivered in a professional package that creates interest and captures potential customers. Many of the Fortune 500 companies employ such firms to boost their revenues and expand their client lists. They realize that search engine marketing and optimization will drive traffic. They also know that an amateurish video, regardless of how well it’s marketed, will not achieve the results they desire.

You don’t have to be the owner of a Fortune 500 company to use similar marketing strategies. In fact, there are many film video production and video advertising firms that offer very reasonable priced packages. Creatively produced commercial video coupled with a marketing strategy to boost your company’s internet visibility can be affordably achieved. You do not need to expend thousands to obtain a video commercial that exudes quality and professionalism. You can tap into the unending reaches of the internet to expand your customer base with a single video campaign. Millions of potential clients seek out products and services on the web daily. If you aren’t utilising resources to capture part of that audience, then you are foregoing a great opportunity to exponentially grow your business. The time it takes to actually seek out and engage a professional video marketing firm may be the most advantageous task you undertake for the future of your organisation.

Video Advertising Makes Your Web Traffic Soar

18 Aug

Most businesses today have created websites to capture more clientele. However, just creating and publishing a website does not guarantee you will see an increase in your customer base. Just as you need to promote your physical location, you also need to promote your presence on the worldwide web. One great method for achieving this is video advertising.  Most business owners are not video production specialists, so your best chance of obtaining advertising media that is professional and grabs the attention of the viewer is to engage the services of a professional online marketing company that offers expertly made custom videos.

There are thousands of advertisements on the web today.  Some are disgustingly shoddy, with poor graphic quality, terrible audio components and provide lackluster results. Many times, it is better to forego posting a video ad if the mediocre or appalling commercial snippet will drive away potential customers. Your business prides itself on its professionalism and quality services or products. Just as you wouldn’t sell anything substandard to your clients, you shouldn’t use video advertising unless it is as professional and attractive as your business’ product.

The reality is you will attain the positive results you seek if you contract with an online marketing company that provides quality video advertising services. These experts generate outstanding commercial videos for your firm that will promote your business and give you a leading edge on your web-based competition. Not only can they produce your media, but they will also know how and where to upload it to attract the most viewers.  The more your video commercials are watched, the more likely it is that you will see more traffic flow through your website. Since increased traffic generates the conversions that will increase your client base, this is an opportune methodology for raising your annual revenues.

Beware, not all marketing companies are alike! Ensure that the online marketing company you propose to engage has a proven track record and stands behind their work. Most reputable marketing firms will have examples of video advertising segments they have created for other clients for you to review. Additionally, the leaders in the industry will have client testimonials and references available, and will usually provide them to you on their websites or by request. You have to do your homework and compare what each marketing firm offers, their pricing and the level of previous client satisfaction before you expend your company’s precious funds. Also, it is important to make sure the marketing professional you engage is someone you will feel comfortable working with from project conception to the final version of your commercial video.

Every business owner wants to expand their customer base and grow their revenues. Boosting your website’s traffic with video advertising can assist you in making this a reality. Finding a professional partner with expertise in commercial video production and marketing will bring this goal to fruition. Having a tantalising commercial video snippet on the web can be one of the best investments in your company’s future.

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